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Designing your future

Design your development system to create profitable products customers love
Monday, Nov. 4 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm TBD MW/08

Improvement efforts too frequently rework things that should have been designed differently in the first place. Many companies are taking steps to change this by deeply understanding what customers value and then focusing on concurrently designing both the product and the processes that make the product. Take the first steps toward making this the reality in your organization through lean product process development (LPPD). A model for LPPD with examples will be discussed along with approaches for transforming your development system.


In this interactive session, attendees will experience understanding customers/users to know the right product to create. Through guided self-reflection, you will create a plan of action to start your own lean product process development (LPPD) journey. LPPD will be discussed using the model for LPPD Designing the Future by James M. Morgan and Jeffrey K. Liker. Learn how an LPPD system consists of:

  • Understanding customers: Creating the right product.
  • Process excellence: Delivery with speed and precision; fixed and flexible.
  • Exceptional People: Building high performance teams and team members; leading development.
  • Documents know-how: Creating and applying knowledge as a learning organization; the pursuit of product perfection.

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Presenter: Katrina Appell

Katrina Appell is president of Katrina Appell Consulting Inc. and organizes her thinking by blogging at appell.org. She has experience as an LPPD coach and faculty member at the Lean Enterprise Institute, senior lean consultant at Liker Lean Advisors focusing on supporting organizations in lean product and process development, and as a lean coach at the University of Michigan Health System. Appell has PhD and MSE degrees in industrial and operations engineering from the University of Michigan. and a BS degree in general engineering from the University of Illinois, where she is a member and past president of the Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering Alumni and Advisory Board.