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Value Stream 3 Innovation

Lean process improvements in warehousing and distribution

Achieving 50 percent volume increases in same day parcel shipments
Wednesday, Oct. 26 Location Code
11:00am-12:00pm Houston Ballroom B/C, 3rd floor WP/27

Hear how IDEXX learned the value of employee involvement in process changes, going to the gemba for direct observation and making the work visible for all are important components of implementing sustainable changes. Learn how to empower employees to take ownership of their processes.


In 2014, IDEXX moved from a hybrid distribution model of direct sales and third-party distributors to an all-direct model with next day delivery. While it did add three additional 3PL locations, the impact of this change to its primary IDEXX-managed distribution center was a 50 percent increase with only four months to prepare. Hear how, in early August, the company had a rapid improvement event utilizing the 3P process to address the bottleneck operation at its primary distribution center. Operators took an active role in seeing and eliminating the waste in the future design and cycle time improvements of 40 percent were achieved. Discover that seeing the work enables you to better manage resources and quickly identify abnormalities. Learn how these lean process improvements were an integral part in the execution of the go-direct model and a perfect order experience for customers.


IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., is a leader in pet health care innovation. The company serves practicing veterinarians around the world with an integrated portfolio of diagnostic and information technology-based products and services. Its products help veterinarians provide advanced medical care and build more economically-successful practices. IDEXX is a world leader in diagnostic tests and information for the production animal industry, with tests for the quality and safety of water and milk.

Presenters: Leigh Henderson / Scott Jagger

Leigh Henderson is a lean six sigma leader for IDEXX Laboratories. She has an engineering and business background with prior experience in the automotive industry. Since joining IDEXX in 201, she has focused on lean improvements mainly in the distribution, procurement and planning areas of the supply chain. More recently, she began working on lean transformations with the instrument and reagents operations groups.

Scott Jagger is operations distribution manager at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.