Dare to be Amazing 
Intermediate level

Overcoming resistance to change


How to get people on board with your lean and continuous improvement initiatives

You are going to learn the four methods to engage employees in change. These methods are based around several common reasons why employees reject or resist change. You will also learn how to utilize communication techniques for leaders and project managers to effectively introduce change. It's all about enabling and empowering team members to make sustainable change possible.


Organizations and cultures must change to win – it’s that simple. However, 70 percent of change initiatives fail to meet or sustain their objectives. The discriminating difference between success and failure with process, technology or culture change comes down to the level and quality of leadership engagement. To transition from vision to visible results, engaging leaders take the steps required to ensure team members understand why the change is necessary, how it will impact the company and employees, and what will and won’t be done to make the change successful. By leading from the WHY and HOW, leaders avoid the ambiguity that enables employee resistance. Engaging leaders help employees grasp why they should care. This highly interactive workshop will explore a four-element model to make that possible and may include small group exercises followed by a short debrief.


Dare to be Amazing helps leaders thrive in their ever-present chaos. The company helps businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals discover proven ways to find success and helps leaders and owners discover ways to eliminate the chaos that frustrates them. daretobeamazing.com 

Speaker: Eric Kulikowski

Eric Kulikowski is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. His vision of being “better than most” motivates him to continuously build on earlier successes in his life. His success has been built on a platform of employee engagement, cultural significance and change leadership. As a senior operations leader for Philips Home Healthcare, Kulikowski inspired a highly engaged team to become a world-class operation and the region’s employer of choice. A daily focus on quality, cost, delivery, safety and morale was the backbone to Phillips’ success. Two western Pennsylvania assembly plants were separately recognized by IndustryWeek magazine and Assembly magazine as being the best factories in North America.