Share Your Case Study

Jodi Talley, VP Marketing and Communications | 3 years ago
AME is committed to helping members of the manufacturing profession share, learn and grow. To facilitate meaningful sharing, AME offers online case studies so that you can learn from others in the manufacturing community or even share your own successes! 
When you post your case study, you can choose to restrict your case study so that it is only visible to AME members. To do so, simply check the box during submission that says “show only to members.” If you do not restrict your case study to members, it will be available to the public for 30 days, after which it will be archived for AME members only. 
What to Include in Your Case Study
Think of a case study as an example you might present at a conference or share at a regional workshop. If you’ve implemented a new process or a launched a new initiative, your case study might include the steps you took and the obstacles you overcame during the process. The AME community loves metrics, so whenever you can quantify your results please do! 
To help others find your case study, choose one or more appropriate topics. You will see them listed on the online form you’ll use to post your case study. When you’re finished, select “post this case study.”