WEBINAR: Turn unpredictability into opportunity with mixed model flow

March 1, 2018 | 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
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1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EST

Irregular and seasonal demand is a challenge for many manufacturing operations today. So what does it take to optimize flow through the production system in high-variety environments? This webinar will explain, step-by-step, how to apply advanced lean techniques to design mixed model value streams that produce products at the pull of the customer. The end result is a process that will reduce inventory, increase on-time delivery, and improve quality to yield a competitive advantage and increased market share. Real-life examples of mixed model production in action will also be discussed.


Kevin J Duggan

Kevin J. Duggan is a renowned expert in applying advanced lean techniques to achieve Operational Excellence and the author of four books on the subject: "Design for Operational Excellence: A Breakthrough Strategy for Business Growth," "Creating Mixed Model Value Streams," "Operational Excellence in Your Office: A Guide to Achieving Autonomous Value Stream Flow with Lean Techniques" and "Beyond the Lean Office: A Novel on Progressing from Lean Tools to Operational Excellence." As the founder of the Institute for Operational Excellence, the leading educational center on Operational Excellence, and Duggan Associates, an international training and advisory firm, Kevin has assisted many major corporations worldwide, including FMC Technologies, Chromalloy, Aetna, SpaceX, Caterpillar, Pratt & Whitney, Singapore Airlines, Sikorsky, IDEX Corporation and Parker Hannifin. A recognized expert on operational excellence, Kevin is a frequent keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, and panelist at international conferences, and has appeared on CNN and the Fox Business Network.


Individuals leading or participating in lean, continuous improvement or operational excellence in their organizations.

  • Learn the best way to determine product families and which equipment should be dedicated to a family versus shared.
  • Understand how to calculate takt capability to meet different rates of customer demand.
  • Find out importance of establishing a pacemaker to determine the speed at which the value stream will operate – and how to create one even when processes are separated by distance or have imbalanced cycle times.
  • Hear new concepts on sequencing, such as FIFO lanes and offset scheduling.

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