Accelerator Program

As organizations progress on their lean journey, they begin to realize that their continuous improvement efforts will require a strong collaborative effort from all levels of the organization. The more people on a team who share the AME conference experience, the more impact it will have on shared goals and objectives. As a result, companies that send large teams to our international conference experience dramatic impacts on their culture.

Whether a company sends a team of 10+, 25+ or 50+, the Accelerator Program provides the perfect forum for maximizing an organization’s efforts to improve their processes and positively impact their culture. For example, a large collaborative effort at the conference often sparks more animated daily debrief meetings that help identify hidden barriers that are holding companies back. Accelerator Program participants experience the power of lean and deliver greater customer value. AME offers numerous conference benefits available only to Accelerators.

Join us in Toronto as an Accelerator Program Group

Accelerator Program benefits include:

  • Lowest conference registration pricing
  • Early registration for workshops and tours
  • Reserved seating for keynote speakers and special access to them, upon availability
  • Assistance with building personalized conference itineraries, upon request
  • Facilitation of specialized learning opportunities
  • Special access to daily debrief meeting room and facilitation services
  • Facilitation and discussion of post-conference action plans

Interested in participating in the Accelerator Program? Groups are reviewed for Accelerator programming by the Accelerator Program Chair.