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IMS Gear

IMS Gear manufactures gear and transmission technology. Its core business is the manufacturing of thermoplastic and metal parts along with subsystems and assemblies. IMS Gear realizes both standard components and complete gear solutions at the highest level - from development to manufacturing and logistics. IMS Gear has demonstrated continuous growth, with consistent customer orientation, profound competence in solving problems and an open corporate culture and flat hierarchies. The company continues to set new standards, and not just in the automotive industry. Its Gainesville, Ga. facility began production in 1995 and occupies 220,000 square feet.

About IMS Gear

More than 150 years ago, IMS Gear began as subcontractor for precision components for the regional clock and watch industry. Even in those days, the special tools needed for gearing clock and watch components were manufactured in-house. This core competence lives until today and is the foundation for the innovative gear solutions which gained considerable commercial significance some 50 years ago.

Please note: Safety glasses will be provided by the host company. Steel-toed safety shoes are required if attendees wish to go beyond the yellow-marked aisles.

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