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Lean boot camp

Critical lean culture, tools and concepts to drive effective change in your organization

Explore examples of how you can eliminate waste throughout your value stream. The workshop will show different ways of addressing safety, quality, productivity, delivery, morale, cost and inventory by using lean tools and creative employee thinking.


Rejuvenate your operation by applying lean principles in a fun and engaging way that has produced proven results. This workshop highlights the critical elements and must-know concepts for driving effective, positive change in your organization.

  • Understand the language of lean
  • Learn critical thinking elements that all leaders should know to successfully lead people and manage processes
  • Create system thinking and an understanding of how cost is related to decisions
  • Learn tools that you can implement at your company to engage your workforce and instantly uncover waste
  • Develop customer and supplier measurement systems and accountability processes
  • Break down cross-functional barriers for effective collaboration
  • Learn how to implement pull systems to drive material replenishment and accountability

Company: Lean Applications

Lean Applications supports its customer's journey in their search for real results by sharing its practical experience through workshops, certification, personal coaching and mentoring, and proven solutions. The company helps practitioners create a model of excellence they can spread throughout the enterprise and teaches tools and concepts such as value stream mapping, visual management, gemba leadership, 13-week supplier development program, lean office process mapping, 5S/rattlesnake hunts, standard work and more. www.leanappl.com.

Presenter: Mark Preston

Mark Preston is president/CEO of Lean Applications and has been driving change in manufacturing, office and sales environments for 30+ years. Previously, he studied kaizen manufacturing techniques in Japan with TDK Electronics. He then held various executive positions at Respironics Inc. He was director of Acuity Business System at Acuity Brands Lighting and later, vice president of supplier development and operational excellence. Preston is a lean champion for AME and served on its national board. His book, “Southern Sensei,” takes readers on an engaging application-based approach to further their lean journey. Preston also helped write and launch the AME Lean Sensei App, which helps companies assess their progress on their lean journey. He is currently the acting director of the AME Champions Club.