Anova Furnishings 
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Creating a lean culture

Lean is about people

On this tour, you will see and learn about "2 second lean," stop-call-wait, just in time (JIT) manufacturing and establishing flow.


This tour will highlight the main processes of welding, fabrication, paint and assembly, warehouse and shipping, which showcase the benefits of JIT. Anova Furnishings started with an average physical inventory of over $2.2 million and has reduced that by about 30 percent while freeing up space to establish flow and add new machinery and create a safer environment for its people.

For the first time in the company's history, it has gone more than one full year without a recordable injury. There is no quality department; everyone is a part of quality through its stop-call-wait program. All employees are empowered to stop the line if they have an issue or find something that they believe is not right. Three years into its journey, it has decreased its physical inventory and improved quality and on-time delivery performance while increasing throughput and shop floor efficiency numbers.


For more than 40 years, Anova Furnishings has been an innovator in site furnishings. It introduced aggregate panels in the 1970s and patented coating technologies in the 1990s. In the 21st century, Anova continues to push the envelope on total value, from design to manufacturing. Its greatest strength is its team, and it seeks to maintain a culture that encourages growth through innovation. With a holistic approach to the company's well-being, it seeks to maintain integrity in all aspects of the business, from products and production to the way it treats its team members.