AME Lean Sensei®

AME Lean SenseiA new version of AME Lean Sensei® is coming on 3/21/22!

This new version includes new benchmarking questions and an updated interface. What's more, after you've benchmarked your organization using the robust set of questions, the latest AME Lean Sensei® will connect you to articles, videos and other training materials that are personalized to help you and your organization make improvements in the areas of need identified by your AME Lean Sensei® assessment.

The new AME Lean Sensei® will be a members-only tool. It will remain free to use by active AME members, but non-members will no longer have access to download and use AME Lean Sensei®. This change was necessary because the links to trainings, articles and other materials that make AME Lean Sensei® such a powerful tool are restricted to AME members. To sign up for an AME membership — which includes access to AME Lean Sensei®, discounted and free AME events, and more benefits — please visit our membership page.


About AME Lean Sensei®

Think you are lean? Wonder what defines best-in-class? How do you really rank?

Let the AME Lean Sensei® help you improve the way you improve so you can maximize your results!

AME Lean Sensei® provides information to help you identify areas for improvement and provides best-practice trainings, videos, articles and more to help you continue your operational excellence journey.

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence offers the AME Lean Sensei® to active members interested in benchmarking their organization against distinguished AME Excellence Award recipient companies. AME Excellence Award recipients operate at exceptional levels of performance, setting the bar high for achieving success in the search for operational excellence. If you are interested in joining this distinguished group of recipients, the AME Lean Sensei® will help you see if you’re ready to apply. 

Even if your company is not currently interested in applying for the AME Excellence Award, the AME Lean Sensei® is a powerful tool to help your organization identify potential areas of focus and improve the way you improve.

For the latest on AME Lean Sensei®, join the user group on LinkedIn to get the most out of the tool and network with other practitioners.


About AME Lean Sensei® for health care

In partnership with a team of health care professionals, AME created a tool that will help health care organizations self-assess their current process improvement strategy, learn where they stand, identify the gaps and plan for the future. Get the new health care version of the AME Lean Sensei® Excel Tool for free today!

"For me, it was important to do this because health care is progressing fast in process improvement and there wasn’t anything like the AME Lean Sensei for health care professionals to use. Lean and process improvement started in manufacturing, and most tools are manufacturing specific, but there is nothing that prevents us from using these tools and making them more relevant to health care. I am very excited to use it as an operations improvement strategic planning tool at Meritus Health."

— Sara Abshari, manager of operations improvement for Meritus Health, AME Lean Sensei health care team



To learn more about the AME Excellence Award, click here.
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