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Management system spread

Designing and spreading the management system to engage physicians through coaching


Practitioner Presentation



Learn about the organization's approach to transformation, how it define its management system, how it deliberately practices in dyads (MD, Administrator) and how systems are created that support this work: strategy alignment, learning and coaching, and spread.


Too often we hear stories of how health care organizations implement their management system, how the elements of the management system works and the results of this work, only to hear that physician engagement is still an issue. Hear how Permanente Medical Group in North Valley (Sacramento and Roseville) started a journey of implementing a management system as a result of an organizational assessment, that focused on solving a key issue: “Our way of leading and management creates confusion, opportunity for waste, and prevents us from unleashing our people’s capabilities and efficiency, while achieving the desired performance results.”


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Presenter: Anna Pessah

Anna Pessah is a senior consultant at Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento, California. She began her career in manufacturing at Boeing and General Mills, then moved into financial services as the director of continuous improvement at Summit Funding, Inc. In 2019, she made the transition to health care. Pessah focuses on leadership coaching, value stream management, and lean training facilitation. She is an industrial and operations engineer with a master’s degree from the University of Michigan.