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A3 thinking and problem solving

Engaging the organization in making better decisions

There are many tools that lean practitioners can employ to help move an organization to where it needs to be, but only a few that straddle both the technical and social needs of fundamental organizational change. A3 thinking captures the heart of a lean management system where everyone is accountable to solve problems in a deliberate manner and in doing so, engage the organization in communication and dialogue that leads to good decisions and much better solutions.


Learn about A3s though instruction, reading, reflection, and discussion by following the stages of learning shared in "Managing to Learn." Begin your own A3 by applying what you’ve learned to a real work problem in your workplace. You'll not only create your own A3, but also read, discuss, and evaluate each others A3s. Attendees will learn to understand the fundamentals of the deliberate problem-solving methodology in A3 thinking; realize the effectiveness of both engaging others in solving problems and holding people accountable to solve problems; initiate an A3 for a real work problem; practice the social side of change through discussions and coaching others; evaluate this type of thinking and acting in making the changes you need in your organization.


Keyte Group consulting services center on helping organizations create unfair competitive advantages in the marketplace and better places to work for the employees. The firm merges technical and cultural transformation elements in its work with senior leadership, enhancing organizational capacity and performance.

Presenter: Beau Keyte

Beau Keyte has been involved in lean thinking since 1986 and currently helps healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing organizations in transforming their performance and culture, engaging front line teams, internal coaches, and leaders to think and act differently to create sustainable performance improvement. He has pioneered new methods to spread lean thinking quickly within organizations, engaging people to participate in the transformation. Keyte has co-authored three publications, including two Shingo Prize-winners, "The Complete Lean Enterprise" (2005) and “Perfecting Patient Journeys” (2014). He also coaches students in the MBA program at the University of Dayton and is a faculty fellow at the Shingo Institute.