Living As A Leader 
Intermediate level

Communicate by design

Choose your words to address difficult situations

Most leaders can think of at least one situation they mishandled through poor communication. Even more commonly, many times leaders didn’t handle the situation at all. Avoidance is the #1 response to a difficult situation. This workshop equips leaders with a framework for addressing difficult situations.


After completing this workshop, attendees will be familiar with:

  • Their tendencies as a communicator when faced with a difficult conversation
  • How to set up employees for success
  • Fundamental elements of workplace interactions
  • A six-step process for conducting a difficult conversation. For challenging or difficult situations, leaders benefit greatly by using the proactive, respectful approach outlined in the six-step process. The goal, ultimately, is that employees know when they’re off track and clearly understand their leaders’ expectations.

Living As A Leader® exists to support the development of leaders at all levels, from the high performer, to middle managers, senior leaders and, perhaps most importantly, members of the executive team. Many organizations across a variety of industries have chosen to partner with Living As A Leader because of the effectiveness of its systemic approach to developing individual leaders and corporate leadership cultures, helping organizations send people home at the end of the day energized by what they were able to contribute at work.

Presenter: Aleta Norris

Aleta Norris is an expert leadership coach and trainer with 30 years of experience developing leaders. In 2002, she co-founded Living As A Leader® to support the effectiveness of leaders at all levels. Today, she oversees Living As A Leader’s sales and marketing activities, as well as the launch of the company's new Living As A Leader Online services. She is a contributing author on the topic of leadership for various publications, co-authored the Living As A Leader® Leadership Development Series and System, and is best-selling author of "Women Who Spark: 12 Steps to Catapult Happiness, Cultivate Confidence, and Discover the Purpose of Your Life." Norris has an MS degree in organizational science and adult education from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.