Leading an engaged culture

AME people-centric leadership 101

Discover a comprehensive overview of people-centric leadership and the behaviors required to build a culture where every day, everyone goes home fulfilled by pursuing excellence and everyone flourishes. Learn how building relationships and engaging minds are the two key components of a people-centric culture. Evaluate how traditional leadership behaviors and your own behaviors may or may not support these components.


Each component of this workshop includes instruction, relevant videos, exercises and reflection to enhance the learning experience. Gain insights into:

  • The value and benefits of building a people-centric culture
  • The key leadership behaviors necessary to build a people-centric culture including: Honest and persistent self-reflection; reflective listening and effective communication; building relationships; supporting the growth and development of people; celebration and recognition
  • The link between building a people-centric culture and the lean/CI tools
  • The importance of vision, goalsetting, development of meaningful measures, feedback and alignment in creating a people-centric culture.

Key takeaways include:

  • A comprehensive list of videos to share with your teams
  • Simple exercises to use with your teams to: Build relationships, define leadership in your organization, build people’s ability to see others perspectives, develop reflection as a leadership practice, create a culture of gratitude, demonstrate the power of listening, set the foundation for coaching, develop a strategy for creating a people-centric culture.

The AME people-centric leadership (PCL) team was establised to assist AME in achieving its vision of a manufacturing renaissance driven by people-centric leadership and powered by enterprise excellence. The team develops, researches and benchmarks best practices to provide resources to inspire individuals and their organizations to cultivate a people-centric culture. www.ame.org/people-centric-leadership-resources

Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership (DEMEP) is a non-profit organization established to assist small to medium-sized manufacturers be more globally competitive. www.demep.org

Presenter: Lisa Weis

Lisa Weis is the lean program director for DEMEP. She is a people-centric, lean/continuous improvement expert, with 24+ years of success in helping hundreds of public and private organizations achieve their vision and meet their strategic goals by engaging people, implementing enterprise excellence and inspiring innovation. She was part of the core team that developed the national lean initiative to help small to medium-sized manufacturers become more globally competitive as part of the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). Weis is the lead for curriculum development for AME's people-centric leadership initiative. She is a member of the AME Mid-Atlantic board and an AME Excellence Award assessor. She has a BSc degree in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware.