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Quick changeovers simplified

Quick changeovers = increased agility and reduced inventory

Discover the techniques of quick changeovers (also known as set-up reduction and SMED) in this interactive, hands-on session.


Lean espouses the value of short runs, low inventory production and rapid response times. However, much of the equipment in our organization was not designed with quick changeovers in mind and downtimes of over an hour are not uncommon. It is well understood that long changeover times lead to large batches in production and poor time utilization in many other industries. In this fast pace, interactive setting, learn from a leading lean practitioner with oer 25 years experience of over 40 years experience, and practice quick changeover techniques using real-life examples


AME Australia was formed in late 1999 and has been incorporated since 2000. It is now active across all the major states of Australia and runs regular business breakfasts, workshops, company tours, and conferences each year.

Presenter: Gary Kerr

Gary Kerr has worked in general management and operations management roles with some of Australia’s leading organizations. As director of operations, he led the lean implementation at ADI’s munitions manufacturing business where throughput was increased by over 200 percent, with no increase in floor space, people or inventory. Kerr is a founding member and past president of AME Australia and was an active board member for six years. He has brought lean thinking to many businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. He coaches organizations toward world-class performance and each year leads visits to some of North America’s best lean organizations to benchmark best practices. Kerr is a mechanical engineer with a master’s degree majoring in business and technology.