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Visual management tools to deliver projects on budget and on time

Learn how Menlo Innovations uses paper-based, visual management tools like story mapping, planning game, and work authorization boards to ensure that daily tasks provide the most value to a project’s long-term plan by focusing on project priorities.


Whether you are a Jira or Microsoft project expert, or have your own advanced Excel spreadsheet system, many project managers struggle to keep the train on the tracks when it comes to the tasks their teams are working on daily. Hear how Menlo uses paper-based, visual management tools to ensure that daily tasks provide the most value to a project’s long-term plan. Through hands-on activities, attendees will also discover how to establish a road map for beginning a project and how to make meaningful course corrections to a project that support a long-term plan and avoid expensive scope creep that can lead to months of wasted efforts. Get ready for a thought-provoking project-planning journey from up in the clouds to down in the weeds and back again.


Founded in 2001, Menlo Innovations designs and builds software that is widely adopted by target users producing a competitive advantage and better business results for its clients. The company has 40-50 associates and consultants trained in a unique methodology working as a collaborative team in the Menlo Software Factory™ in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In addition to developing world class software solutions and consulting with organizations to transform culture and process, members of its team are recognized as leaders in their field and have spoken at universities, professional organizations, local and national conferences, and at global congresses such as the Project Management Institute in Toronto, Baltimore, Panama, and Mexico.

Presenters: Michelle Pomorski / Erika Kloehn

Michelle Pomorski is a project manager, user experience designer, business analyst and problem solver at Menlo Innovations, partnering with clients using Menlo’s visual management processes to help them steer their projects toward successful outcomes. She has experience working on projects in a variety of domains ranging from ecommerce websites to healthcare. With a background in education, Pomorski is constantly learning about different industries and people in the quest to design and build solutions that meet both user and business needs.

Erika Kloehn is the chief strategy officer at Menlo Innovations, leading the strategic initiative for growth to support an aggressive 2027 vision for Menlo. A large part of her role is to secure resources – from a billable team – in order to maintain focus on the key projects that will drive growth. She has designed, developed and implemented marketing and business development systems in the healthcare, non-profit and hi-tech spaces for more than 25 years.