Keynote Speaker
Marc Braun

Employee engagement

Marc Braun joined the Cambridge family in April 2008 as vice president of operations, and served as executive vice president of sales and marketing and was promoted to president in January 2017.
Braun will discuss:

  • How to engage every employee, every single day, in continuous improvement
  • How to utilize video sharing to accelerate improvements
  • How to create daily habits that support continuous improvement cultures
  • How to celebrate “small” in order to win “big”
  • How to pay it forward—why lean tours are strategic

Through Braun's leadership, Cambridge has been able to set a strategy that works on the internal and external growth of the organization. Organizational health is everything and Braun's goals for the organization are to double sales in five years through healthy and sustainable growth by holding employees to the highest of expectations and to love them unconditionally.

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