Keynote Speaker
Crystal Davis

Just-in-time coaching

Crystal Y. Davis is CEO of The Lean Coach, Inc. where she is a lean practitioner, leadership development coach, and speaker. Davis has worked in various countries such as Portugal, Spain, Mexico and Sweden. These experiences have enabled Davis to become very knowledgeable about Lean Six Sigma, The Toyota Way, leadership, and thriving in diverse work environments. Davis’ career spans over a number of business functions, industries and disciplines in manufacturing and supply chain: automotive, consumer-packaged goods (beverage) and life sciences. Her strengths are strategy deployment, consulting, training, facilitation, coaching and speaking. After leading several teams throughout her career, Davis launched The Lean Coach, Inc. a boutique Lean Six Sigma and leadership development consulting firm in 2009. “I'm a passionate leader committed to helping people and organizations reach their full potential,” Davis says.

Davis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration. She is a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Development Coach and an IASSC Certified Black Belt trainer. Davis also received Green Belt training at Delphi Automotive Systems, and Black Belt training at The Coca-Cola Company during her tenure at the respective companies. At The Coca-Cola Company, her responsibilities included training DMAIC and DMADV, and mentoring projects. During her talk, she will discuss the three-step process of just-in-time coaching. The beauty of just-in-time coaching is learning to leverage real time problems and develop others to learn to see deeper than what shows up as kaizen opportunities identified in value stream mapping yet overlook smaller problems in daily operations.

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