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Conflict is the root of all waste

Full-day workshop
Wednesday, May. 9 Location Code

Identify and address the emotional issues hampering your improvement progress; explore organizational structures, activities, behaviors and attitudes affecting the success of CI initiatives; learn about the relationship between culture and performance and how employee engagement drives a CI culture; get to the real root of your performance pain.


Understand the relationships among organizational structures, activities, prevailing behaviors and attitudes (SABA)—a key to unlocking performance potential. Delve into the root cause of unresolved conflict, and how related issues affect the results achieved during continuous improvement (CI) initiatives. Hear how the true root cause driving operational pain doesn’t typically surface during a 5 Why exercise or in a value stream map, if you’re not looking. Learn how to identify and address the conflict that drives waste, to successfully implement change and manage the emotional waste/muda that hinders your progress. Discover how culture and performance are related and how employee engagement drives a CI culture. Gain insights about behavioral tendencies using the DISC model (Dominance, Inducement, Submission or Compliance), a behavioral assessment tool based on the work of psychologist William Moulton Marston. Learn about accountability, change management, coaching/communication, leadership/leader standard work, office/transactional processes, policy deployment/hoshin kanri and strategy. Explore common symptoms of unresolved conflict such as territorial managers, low morale, failure to learn/use new systems and failure to address/resolve known issues.


Macresco is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations achieve transformative results. The firm believes in the radical possibility of workplaces that are productive and humanistic, and in employee engagement’s profound impact on performance. The practice enables enterprise excellence through intervention across three service pillars: strategy, organization and operations. The firm helps clients capitalize on the value of their business, understand the needs of their employees and eliminate complexity to bring their vision into focus.

Presenter: Scott Gauvin

Scott Gauvin is a seasoned change agent with over 22 years experience successfully helping organizations realize their potential. Throughout his career, Scott’s focus has been on driving performance gains through organizational alignment and a progressive approach to operations strategy. He has advised companies the world over and across a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, biotech, consumer goods, medical devices, agriculture, packaging and industrial manufacturing.In addition to driving the growth of Macresco’s consultancy practice, Scott counsels client organizations in transition and ismost often involved in strategic endeavors that include assessing a company’s capabilities and capacity for change as well as innovatingunderperforming business models to improve Total Cost of Ownership and market opportunity.

Prior to launching Macresco, Scott was a business management consultant and began his career in the tech space specializing in systems design and architecture.He holds a BA from the University of Massachusetts, an MBA from Boston University and is a Six Sigma Black Belt.