Lean Certification


Lean Certification is an industry-leading program that provides individuals, companies, and educators with a comprehensive and effective roadmap for professional and workforce development that aligns with industry-recognized standards. It is an evolutionary journey where your knowledge and experience work together to create a depth of expertise upon which you can keep building. It weaves innovative ways of thinking and doing business with real-world applications and results.


Apply for Lean Certification at the rank most appropriate to your career, knowledge, and experience:

  • Lean Bronze Certification focuses on the fundamentals of lean from a tactical perspective
  • Lean Silver Certification integrates your lean knowledge with leadership experience
  • Lean Gold Certification focuses on the strategic transformation of an entire enterprise.

Lean Certification not only helps you attain the knowledge, it validates it.

The industry-leading Lean Certification program is the result of a partnership among three leading non-profit organizations that collectively set the standard for operational excellence and an improved workforce. The Lean Certification Alliance — Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), Shingo Institute, and SME — draws on their collective experience and the proven practices of thousands of individuals to provide continuous improvement practitioners in-depth access to the latest lean and continuous improvement thinking and best practices. Learn more at sme.org/leanalliance.




"Lean In" to Continuous Improvement

The Lean Certification Alliance's white paper, “Lean In" to Continuous Improvement, demonstrates how lean methodology and Lean Certification can support continuous improvement and long-term competitive success through the relentless pursuit of eliminating waste, overburden and unevenness or irregularities. Lean methodology aims to deliver maximum value while minimizing waste. When implemented as an overarching business philosophy, lean drives sustainable improvements and results within an organization, offering immense value for both businesses and individuals. This paper was developed by the Lean Certification Alliance, a partnership among three leading nonprofit organizations that collectively set the standard for operational excellence and an improved workforce. Request a copy


Check out these Lean Certification videos and webinars: