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The discontinuous improvement journey

Half-day workshop
Wednesday, May. 9 Location Code

Understand the characteristics of leading a revolution; discover the mindset required to achieve and sustain the continuous improvement initiative through culture change; learm how to recognize barriers.


If your organization is contemplating the launch of a lean journey or, more typically, trying to recover from a false start, this workshop will help you to focus on what it takes to successfully lead this career long journey. It will help you recognize the barriers to success along with suggestions and discussions about how to right the ship. Whether you are a CEO or a first line supervisor, every leader has a role to play within an aligned leadership group. Hear about strategies for persistently building employee engagement. Learn about barriers to change. the mindset required and factors that enable change. Learn how to make the transition from the old leadership paradigm to the new one. This interactive workshop will provide lots of opportunities for thought-provoking exchanges of ideas and learning.


Pathways to Manufacturing Excellence LLC, is a Georgia-based company created in 2007. It works with clients seeking guidance in starting or managing their company's continuous improvement process. The company works with senior leaders to develop the top-down stragegy and to provide the process for managing their CI process.

Presenter: Larry E. Fast

Larry E. Fast is a 35-year veteran at two of the world leaders in wire and cable and led CI transformations in both companies. As the senior vice president of operations at General Cable, Fast launched the company’s strategy in 1999 using his 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence process to steer. It is now in its 17th year of the journey. Over this period of time, General Cable plants have earned over 25 recognitions as finalists in IndustryWeek magazine's Best Plants in North America competition. It has also had 12 Best Plant winners, including union and non-union operations in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Fast’s first book, The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence—A Leaders Guide to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence was published in 2011. It has been a best-seller in its category and a 2nd edition with new content was published in 2015. He also is a regular contributor to IndustryWeek’s online magazine, under the banner of Ask the Expert—Lean Leadership, where he responds to readers’ questions.