Keynote Speaker
Emmitt Smith

Goals, dreams and purpose-driven focus: Lessons from an NFL Hall of Famer

Thursday, Oct. 27 Location Code
3:00pm-4:15pm Lone Star Ballroom, 2nd floor

Emmitt J. Smith, III is the chief executive officer of EJSmith Enterprises. His business ventures include E Smith Legacy, E Smith Realty Partners, E Smith Capital Partners, & EJ Smith Construction. Smith aligned with Capview Partners in September 2013.

Prior to becoming a chairman, CEO and president, Smith enjoyed a distinguished professional football career in the NFL for 15 years. During those years, he attained several awards and accolades including three Super Bowl championships, an NFL MVP and a Super Bowl MVP and finished his career as the NFL’s all time leading rusher. Smith's professional career culminated with being inducted in the NFL Hall of Fame in 2010.

Smith is now aggressively translating his champion’s legacy to the business community. With companies focused on real estate development, investment and construction, he is actively expanding his business scope. As well-known for his character and integrity as he is for his athletic ability, Smith continues to give back to the community and support higher education via Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities, an organization that annually awards college scholarships and provides enrichment opportunities to underserved youth.

Proven fast, smart and – thanks to Dancing with the Stars – smooth on his feet, Smith is a formidable executive. A respected entrepreneur, sought-after speaker and bestselling author, he continues to share his personal and professional stories with organizations across the country.