Cogent Power 
Advanced level
Value Stream 1 Engaged People

Developing a people-centric leadership mindset

Leading the transition from a management mindset to a people-focused leadership mindset
Thursday, Oct. 27 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Dallas Ballroom A, 1st floor ThP/37

Discover the vision, and the work and challenges that have been dealt with, as Cogent Power has moved its leadership culture to a progressive people led culture. Hear how it has used this, in conjunction with lean principles, to create excellent business results.


Cogent Power has historically placed a high importance on its people and work teams. As challenges face an organization, the traditional management mindset can create critical decision points that can put into conflict people versus profits. In the past five years, Cogent has been working very purposefully to advance and develop a very people-focused leadership culture, where a true trusting partnership lies within all members of the company. This session will focus on the transformation mindset of leaders within the organization - so that people and teams within Cogent experience a people-centric leadership team.


Cogent Power Inc., is the leading manufacturer of transformer core components and magnetic materials for electrical energy devices - transformers, motors and generators. Cogent has been a lean practitioner for over ten years, and has progressed its business performance through an extended enterprise approach and a focus on development of its people and teams. Cogent is a recipient of the AME Excellence Award and the Tata Steel Operational Excellence Award.

Presenters: Ron Harper / Kate Selbie

Ron Harper is president of Cogent Power Inc., in Ontario, Canada. He has worked in manufacturing for 25 years, mostly in senior leadership positions in marketing, engineering, operations and general management and has been with Cogent since 1995. Harper has taken a highly personal role in leading the company and its teams to create a self-propelling lean organization and culture. Harper is a member of the AME executive committee and the Canadian regional board. He is also a board member of The Centre for Skills Development and Training, in Canada, the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), and regularly advises on local government policies and initiatives with Next Generation Manufacturing. As part of the AME board of directors, Harper is a leading member of the strategic initiative for People-Centric Leadership.

As organizational development leader at Cogent Power Inc., in Canada, Kate Selbie is spearheading the continued efforts of a 10-year long transformational journey from an old school manufacturing structure and culture, to a company that has achieved outstanding results by embracing a culture of true people-centric leadership, lean thinking and practices. Selbie has brought her blend of human resources, communications and marketing experience to companies in telecommunications, construction and manufacturing. As an entrepreneur in her own start up communications and media company, she helped her many clients articulate their vision, create their path and tell their story.