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Intermediate level
Value Stream 2 Systematic Daily Improvement

Dynamic value stream transformation

Connecting the dots between the supplier, the business and the customer
Wednesday, Oct. 26 Location Code
2:15pm-3:15pm Dallas Ballroom B, 1st floor WP/32

Discover how to create a partnership relationship where everyone one succeeds through focusing on each other's strengths. Learn how to engage your staff through ownership within their value stream.


Hear how Duha has approached its value stream strategies through a method referred to as dynamic value stream transformation. Learn about its approach to gemba (see the truth) and kata (learn and do) where it first focused on the internal balancing methodologies through a ‘setting the expectation’ phase. Staff members were trained on the understanding of what it is like to be a supplier and customer within the value stream process. Duha then took these learning's to its external supplier value stream through the phase of ‘aligning for success.’ This was critical to both parties to understand each other’s strength and limitation in order to be successful. Learn how closing the value stream loop was imperative and understand the approach Duha took with its customer value stream, the ‘building the bridge for the future’ phase. A complete partnership was needed between the suppliers, the business and the customer for a true dynamic value stream to be realized and supported by all parties. An approach of transformation that made it easier for all to understand, support and align to a common vision of success.


The Duha Group is a global leader in the production of color marketing supplies. For more than a decade, it has developed its own interpretation of operational excellence methodologies, focused entirely on practical implementation in a live, high-volume production environment. The use of lean concepts can be found in accounting, customer service, sales, logistics, human resources, warehousing, and its manufacturing process. www.duhagroup.com

Presenter: Rod Smith

Rod Smith is director of operational excellence at the Duha Group. During his 36+ years with the company, he has held a variety of managerial roles in logistics, operations and plant general management. He studied traditional lean manufacturing techniques extensively and routinely delivers training and event facilitation support throughout Duha. Smith’s focus has included the transformation of cultural engagement of CI in each of Duha`s eight factories around the world. These experiences allowed him to understand many of the challenges faced when attempting to implement change management philosophies in different environments and at all levels of the company.