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Value Stream 1 Engaged People

Everybody matters

Unlocking your unlimited potential
Tuesday, Oct. 25 Location Code
9:45am-10:45am Dallas Ballroom A, 1st floor TP/01

Walk step-by-step through Barry-Wehmiller’s cultural transformation and its five key learnings for all organizations. Learn about its culture, developed through stories of inspiration.


Barry-Wehmiller believes that we can build a better world through business - its business, your business, any business or organization whose leaders believe that the highest purpose should be to provide meaning and fulfillment to those who dedicate their talent to its goals. A job should offer more than a paycheck, it should offer an empowering and rewarding environment through which the organization’s team members have the opportunity to discover and develop their gifts and talents, and contribute them toward a shared vision. Hear how Barry-Wehmiller has figured out how to create this environment, an environment where everybody matters.


Since 1885, Barry-Wehmiller has provided packaging machinery and engineering solutions to customers throughout the world. Under the leadership of Bob Chapman, CEO, the organization has grown approximately 18 percent per year since 1988, eclipsing $2 billion in revenues. The sum of more than 75 acquisitions, Barry-Wehmiller’s business model has brought it in contact with a wide array of leadership and organizational methods. For the last decade, a unique, people-centric leadership model has emerged at Barry-Wehmiller that combines the best in associate engagement, continuous improvement and customer service, all focused on the vision: Building a better world through business.

Presenter: Jacob Huskey / Angela Nesset

Jacob Huskey is senior project leader at Barry-Wehmiller and has worked for the Barry-Wehmiller corporate office for three years. His focus has been on leading high level strategic initiatives for the organization. Huskey is currently a professor and the course director for the internal L3 training course – L3 Fundamentals. He also supports divisions with the implementation of L3 and facilitate L3 events at the corporate office.

Angela Nesset has worked for BW Papersystems in Phillips, Wisconsin for over eight years and is currently serving as the L3 (Living Legacy of Leadership) team leader. Her role is to lead and develop the  people-centric culture and continuous improvement initiatives. Primary focus areas include training, facilitation of lean events, coordination of celebration and recognition programs and presenting people-centric culture and philosophy to benchmark visitors and interested parties. Nesset is a professor for Barry-Wehmiller University and teaches communication Skills training, culture of service foundations, leadership fundamentals and L3 fundamentals.