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Value Stream 5 Sustainability

Implementation of lean manufacturing strategies

The challenges of developing manufacturing flow lines for fuel cell products
Thursday, Oct. 27 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Dallas Ballroom C, 1st floor ThP/41

A growing number of industries are looking for ways to meet sustainability goals and positively affect their bottom line. Fuel cells and hydrogen technology work to achieve both outcomes. Hear how more and more companies are turning to this technology to help lower operating costs, enhance productivity and improve their competitive position in the market.


Industrial mobility, automotive and aerospace are leading the charge in the adoption of fuel cell and hydrogen solutions. Many industrial gas markets seek the cost effective supply alternative on-site hydrogen provides. To anticipate this rapid growth in product sales, discover how Nuvera has worked to implement product flow lines and how it uses the principles of lean manufacturing and Demand-Flow Technology (DFT).  Hear about fuel cell product and the development of product flow lines at Nuvera over the course of the past year.


Nuvera was formed in April 2000 through the merger of Epyx Corporation, a subsidiary of Arthur D. Little, Inc., of Cambridge, MA, and De Nora Fuel Cells of Milan, Italy. Its mission is to create and develop innovative clean energy technology solutions, to design and develop power systems focused on customer needs, and to manufacture, market, and service power system products delivering superior value to customers. Nuvera hydrogen supply systems and fuel cell technology are transforming markets such as logistics, automotive and aerospace. It is positioned as a leading global provider of advanced power solutions. The company's hydrogen generation technology is ideally suited to provide a cost-effective source of hydrogen for multiple applications in the 25 to 250 kg/day range.

Presenters: Paul Oei / Debra Scheiman

Paul Oei is vice president of commercial operations at Nuvera Fuel Cells and is also acting vice president for sales and marketing. As former VP of the service group at Fuel Cell Energy (FCE), Oei led conditioning, testing, field service and customer support activities. He held leadership roles at AAR Engine Component Services, Pratt & Whitney and United Technologies, and was chief operating officer at the New York Graphical Society Publishing Group. Oei holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering from The University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from The Cooper Union. He completed the MIT Sloan School Supply Chain Management Certification program and the GE Executive Management and Business Development Training program. He is a master black belt.

Debra Scheiman is manager of manufacturing operations at Nuvera Fuel Cells.