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Value Stream 3 Innovation

Innovation through engagement

Tracing the evolution of the culture of innovation
Wednesday, Oct. 26 Location Code
2:15pm-3:15pm Houston Ballroom B/C, 3rd floor WP/33

Discover how to create an organization-wide innovation process and engage all employees in innovative thought. Use innovative thinking as a fundamental tool for achieving your company’s desired future state.


Hear about some of the issues faced when attempting to institutionalize innovation in any company and how a systematic approach can lead to an evolution of innovation. As in any lean enterprise, one of the key responsibilities of leaders is to sustain the system and engage in activities that prevent ‘backsliding.’ This is particularly critical in the sponsorship of innovation, where a return to the day-to-day status quo must be avoided. Leaders must continue to set expectations, educating employees about the value of new approaches, providing standard practices to facilitate creativity and innovation. Ultimately, the goal is to generate new innovative ideas for future products.


Headquartered in Aston, PA, Zodiac Arresting Systems America (ZASA), formerly known as ESCO, is the world leading OEM for aircraft arresting systems. ZASA has perfected the science of creating energy absorption solutions for military and commercial aircraft around the world, saving lives and aircraft. This expertise has also been channeled into related areas such as perimeter security/containment, vehicle arresting systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Launch and Recovery. ZASA is certified in both ISO 9001 and ISO14001. www.zodiacaerospace.com

Presenter: Rich Orner

Richard Orner is the executive vice president of engineering and product development for Zodiac Arresting Systems, and is a member of the Zodiac Aerospace Science and Technical Council. Prior to joining Zodiac, Orner was employed at Allis-Chalmers Hydroturbines where his accomplishments included the design of replacement turbines for the Hoover Dam and Aswan High Dam in Egypt. Orner holds BSME and MBA degrees from Villanova University. He has completed programs in innovation management at the MIT Sloane School of Management and “Innovation for Growth” at the Wharton Aresty Institute of Executive Education. He is also a member of the AME Champions Club.