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Just in sequence - fabrication at customer speed

Making sequenced production work in a traditional fabrication shop
Thursday, Oct. 27 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Houston Ballroom B/C, 3rd floor ThP/39

Hear about the nuts and bolts of S&C’s changes on the floor, as well as the relaunch of its team member development program. Learn how the company, with the help of Toyota, transformed a number of its operations to fit its Lean Performance System (LPS) model.


S&C Electric Company will share its reflections about migrating from traditional fabrication processes and inventory systems to sequenced production. Learn how this type of transformation is not for the faint of heart, but for those organizations that are seeking to move closer to single piece flow than any kanban can take them. Discover how sequenced production may be the most logical choice. In the heart of S&C, multiple value streams converge in its metal forming and finishing operations. Learn how all these value streams share critical resources but run on pull systems with visual controls throughout that respond to changing demands and production challenges. Moving from batch production to kits has cut lead time dramatically from weeks to days. Gain insights into some of the key innovations S&C has developed, including custom made carts, tablet pull systems, moving weld lines, tablet-based kanban scheduling and visual supermarkets.


S&C Electric Company is a global provider of equipment and services for electric power systems. Founded in 1911, the Chicago-based company designs and manufactures switching and protection products for electric power transmission and distribution. S&C's products help deliver electric power efficiently and reliably. Some are used to switch circuits. Others minimize damage to equipment in the event of a fault or reduce the area of an outage by automatically rerouting power flow; S&C's sophisticated power-quality products can deliver uninterrupted power for an entire facility, for crucial process industries. www.sandc.com

Presenter: Jim Boss

Jim Boss has served as the director of U.S. fabrication for S&C Electric Company since 2013. In early 2008, he transitioned from the manager of IT infrastructure and services to launching S&C’s newly-formed continuous improvement organization. Boss has an MBA from Loyola University.