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Value Stream 3 Innovation

Lean product development at scale

Insights and results from implementing large scale LPD
Tuesday, Oct. 25 Location Code
9:45am-10:45am Houston Ballroom B/C, 3rd floor TP/03

Learn how to lead change and transformation at scale and how to build a transformation team. Hear about strategy and tactics and how to enable innovation at all levels.


Hear about design, implementation, results and learning from the large scale lean product development transformation underway at Intel for the last three years, with emphasis on how innovation thrives in this environment. Discover how to engage everyone in leader standard work, sustainable pace, training and global issues. Learn about predictable, high quality execution (agile, scrum, scaling, capacity based planning.) Discuss standardization (steps, consensus building, decision making, implementation, improving) and problem solving (A3, prevention, mentoring, knowledge reuse.)


Through computing innovation, Intel pushes the boundaries of smart and connected technology to make amazing experiences possible for everyone. From powering the latest devices and the cloud you depend on, to driving policy, diversity, sustainability, and education, Intel creates value for our stockholders, customers and society.

Presenter: Allen Ringel

Allen Ringel is a senior lean/agile transformation leader at Intel Corporation. He has 20 years of software engineering and product development experience gained by working in various capacities, ranging from managing large software teams to applying LPD techniques within software and product development. He has implemented lean principles, frameworks and tools to dozens of development teams and has applied LPD techniques to major microprocessor projects. Ringel recently led a major LPD transformation within Intel on a global scale which continues to be studied and duplicated with great success in software and hardware teams across the corporation.