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Value Stream 2 Systematic Daily Improvement

Leveraging technology to enable ownership and innovation

How to increase innovation and operational excellence
Thursday, Oct. 27 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Dallas Ballroom B, 1st floor ThP/38

Learn how using the right tools can align human behavior around plant floor innovation, KPIs, improve morale, reduce turnover, increase operational availability, drive continuous improvement and realize greater operational excellence.


Hear how leveraging technology to create a culture on the plant floor that empowers and enables greater contribution from people has driven increased innovation, problem solving and operational excellence at Lakeview Farms. See how a cloud-based system (CloudDispatch) providing transparency and real-time visibility has been crucial to aligning multiple teams for increased innovation and continuous improvement. Visibility and transparency on the plant floor are critical to driving employee engagement in problem solving and process improvement. Learn how the company has overcome common barriers to obtaining meaningful data for critical insight and decision making. Inconsistent utilization of disparate and overly complicated systems is a common roadblock faced by small-medium manufacturers. Discover how Lakeview Farms has utilized a systematic approach to lean operations starting on the plant floor, which is not only sustainable but is continuously driving improvement.


Lakeview Farms strives to be the value driven innovator of fresh and convenient dips, desserts and specialty products by offering a world of diverse recipes to its customers. Lakeview Farms thinks of itself as creating a world of fresh, delightful foods. In 1988, the company started with one customer and just a few employees who knew its success and future growth would depend not only on its delicious creations, but on unparalleled dedication to its customers.

Presenter: Todd Parker

Todd Parker is a plant engineer at Lakeview Farms. He has an extensive manufacturing engineering background in plant maintenance, project planning/budgeting, performance matrix and preventative maintenance. This includes higher education teaching, recruitment and continuous improvement. Experience in food manufacturing, automotive parts manufacturing and construction allows him to draw from a vast experience base to provide solutions to today’s ever changing manufacturing environment. Parker is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and is a journeyman millwright/electrician.