SigmaPoint Technologies Inc. 
Advanced level
Value Stream 2 Systematic Daily Improvement

Transform employees into scientific thinkers connected to true north

Connect corporate breakthrough strategies to all employees
Thursday, Oct. 27 Location Code
10:45am-11:45am Dallas Ballroom B, 1st floor ThP/44

Effectively connect executive breakthrough strategies to employees’ daily continuous improvement (CI) routine (PDCA). Learn how to create a structure that enables rapid change. Hear how SigmaPoint developed a CI engine in every cell of its value streams using TKATA principles.


SigmaPoint recognizes that the ability to implement breakthrough strategies in record time becomes a major competitive advantage. Learn about the ‘structure of rapid change’ and how it connects to the value stream cells where autonomy of daily quick PDCA constantly improves process. Discover how these powerful CI cells utilize key elements of improvement kata (IK) and coaching kata (CK) to achieve significant gains in short periods of time. The continuous evolution of TKATA has been the missing link that has now been uncovered ensuring sustainability of a lean CI culture.


SigmaPoint Technologies Inc., is an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider focused on developing long-term relationships with clients and suppliers. It provides end-to-end assembly services for highly complex electronic products within computer, telecommunications, medical, defense, industrial, alternative energy and transportation markets. Through its passion and unparalleled commitment to operational excellence, SigmaPoint has achieved world class lean six sigma distinction.

Presenters: Stephane Dubreuil / Dan Bergeron

Stephane Dubreuil is VP of operations at SigmaPoint Technologies Inc., in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Prior to SigmaPoint, he held positions at Norteland General Motors in NPI design and industrial engineering. Dubreuil has been the driving force behind SigmaPoint's shift to lean enterprise and guided the group to becoming world class lean six sigma. He has a bachelor’s degree in automated production engineering from the University of Quebec, an ASQ certification of six sigma black belt (ASQ CSSBB) and is an auditor for the AME Excellence Award program.

Dan Bergeron is president and CEO of SigmaPoint Technologies Inc., and directs highly motivated key executives towards a unified goal. Over the past 16 years, he has created a company where employees are valued, encouraged to make mistakes and apply lessons learned to continually improve. This culture combined with his passion to build the best electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider is a game changer. Bergeron has 30+ years of experience in the fields of SMT manufacturing, concurrent engineering, design for manufacturing and RF assembly. He graduated from St. Lawrence College in micro computer engineering.