AME Excellence Award 
Beginner level
Intermediate level
Advanced level

Pearls of excellence from award recipients

Site assessment teams identified the single best practice at recipient companies
Thursday, Oct. 27 Location Code
9:30am-11:45am State Room 4, 3rd floor SIS/13

Every AME Excellence Award recipient has at least one outstanding example of excellence within their organization. The assessment teams identified what they felt was the best-of-the-best at each award recipient company. A representative from the company will discuss this best-of-the-best practice. Each recipient will talk for ten minutes. After all recipients have finished, they will divide into small discussion groups. Attendees will be able to ask questions to at least two companies during the rounds of discussion.


AME Excellence Award is seeking to have award recipients share their pearls. The single best practice identified by the assessment team during the course of their site visit.


Practitioners/leaders from the 2016 AME Excellence Award recipient companies.