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The value-add of consortium membership

Consortiums link like-minded organizations to fast track performances through shared learning
Wednesday, Oct. 26 Location Code
9:45am-10:45am State Room 4, 3rd floor SIS/08

This special interest session will overview the value of consortium membership.


Consortiums are networking groups of companies that form an alliance which allows them to learn and grow, and improve their performance by sharing best practices with each other. In this interactive session, you will discover:

  • Why a business would want to join a consortium of businesses to enhance their own business improvement.
  • What consortium membership means, how a business participates and what the benefits are.
  • The cost and other commitments a business must make when joining a consortium.
  • The structure of a consortium.
  • How a consortium operates, who manages the overall organization and who facilitates the individual consortium sponsored events.
  • What functional areas within a business can benefit from a consortium membership.
  • Peer-to-peer learning fundamental to consortiums, and how this effectively works.

The Best Practice Network in Australia enables like-minded organizations to fast track their performance through shared learning, expertise, experience and resources.

Presenter: Victor Caune

Victor Caune has successfully facilitated business consortiums in Australia for over 12 years. He is currently the director of Best Practice Network in Victoria, Australia. A long term member of AME Australia, Caune is on both the Victorian branch and the national conference committees. In 2015, he was presented the prestigious AME Jim Watkin’s Award for his contribution to the manufacturing community in Australia.