Implementation Partners 
Intermediate level

Agile product development

How to drive innovative manufacturing engineering
Friday, Oct. 28 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Majestic 2, 37th floor FW/36

Understand the concepts of agile project management and hear how manufacturing companies have applied it to product development processes; learn how to integrate agile with your existing project methodology.


Agile project management (scrum) is a new approach to leading projects, emphasizing disciplined speed and flexibility in place of exhaustive planning. It has been adopted in IT groups across the world, allowing them to innovate faster, deliver the most critical requirements more quickly, prioritize resources better and integrate with the business throughout the development process. But agile can be used for more than just IT programming. After a a quick overview, attendees will explore how this approach could look and feel different for their own projects, using real project examples to understand the potential value of a different approach. Compare and contrast agile product development with the typical ‘waterfall’ project management approach.


Implementation Partners drives game-changing results through consulting, project execution and training services with a collaborative approach that purposefully combines lean six sigma process streamlining with agile team performance design. The company pioneered Engaged Team Performance, integrating best-in-class process redesign, team performance and change management tools to revolutionize effectiveness and efficiency.

Presenter: Dodd Starbird

As the principal managing partner for Implementation Partners, Dodd Starbird leads change efforts that consistently achieve exceptional results for clients. He is the author of Building Engaged Team Performance (McGraw-Hill 2010). He has a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from the University of Denver.