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Value stream mapping for office and services
Friday, Oct. 28 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm State Room 1, 3rd floor FW/31

Learn to understand how to develop current state maps to define how the process currently operates. The future state questions will be reviewed and how they are used to develop future state maps based on lean concepts of; value, flow, pull, leveling.


Based on the Shingo Prize-winning book of the same title, this workshop will review the powerful value stream mapping methodology as it applies to office and service processes. Common tips and pitfalls will be identified. The need to re-design the management process will also be covered. The manner by which the VSM tool is used to develop collaboration between functions is a key aspect that will be reviewed. A case study will be included to enhance the learning experience.


Change Management Associates (CMA) has been providing enterprise excellence consulting and educational services to manufacturing, service, government and health care organizations since 1990. It is this deep and varied experience that allows organizations to learn how to adapt the concepts to meet their specific circumstances, and maximize results. CMA is committed to internalizing the skills and knowledge as effectively and quickly as possible so that organizations can be self-supporting.

Presenter: Drew Locher

Drew Locher has been involved in the general subject of enterprise excellence for over 30 years, first with the General Electric Company in the 1980s. Since 1990, he has been working with a wide variety of organizations in manufacturing, services and health care. Locher is a four-time author and two-time Shingo Prize recipient. He has been a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute since 2001. He is an instructor for the University of Michigan's lean leadership and kata programs, as well as a faculty member for the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value. He is also a TWI Institute certified trainer.