Arizona State University 
Advanced level

Creating an innovative culture and methodology

Achieve one complete innovation process
Monday, Oct. 24 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm State Room 1, 3rd floor MW/20

Learn why lean new product development requires an innovative culture. Hear how to measure and create an innovative culture. Discover the steps for an innovation workshop, how to conduct a time-based idea generation workshop and how to streamline the NDP process once the idea is generated.


Innovation is the No. 1 global factor for corporate sales increases. The strategic importance of an effective innovation process and culture is unquestioned. Leading, not managing, is needed to make change happen. To stimulate this change, we need to create an innovation culture and methodology that is flexible, efficient and effective. Learn the strategic and tactical importance of the lean new product development innovation process and look at the lead indicators needed for success. Then address the learning organization creation criteria. Review the classic House of Quality approach to developing a data-driven product requirements document and all the modern aspects of new product development and innovation. The newest design approaches of Stage Gate and SCRUM will be developed in great detail. More modern approaches, such as Stealth and Blue Ocean, will be introduced. Then develop a world-class leadership model and learn how to achieve an innovative culture throughout the entire organization - not just within design or marketing. Results of this process will be directly transportable to any company’s innovation and design processes.


Arizona State University is the largest university in the United States with over 82,000 students. It has remarkably maintained the quality of its education while going through this explosive growth of students. ASU was awarded the No. 1 Innovation University in the United States in 2015, beating such prominent innovators as MIT and Stanford. All of these accomplishments come from the University Vision of creating the "New American University" and achieving excellence - impact - access at the same time.

Presenter: Dan Shunk

Dan Shunk is a professor at Arizona State University. His accomplishments include 35 journal articles and the SME International Educator award. He graduated from Purdue, began his career in the USAF forming the ICAM Program, worked in industry elevating to VP-GM of a national consulting firm and joined ASU in 1984. While at ASU, he led the Manufacturing Research Center to the SME LEAD award. Shunk’s publicly documented accomplishments in lean sigma include saving $4.2 million at an aerospace company with 25 lean green belts, achieving a transition from 76  to 99.5 percent initial quality at an electronics company and elevating a major truck manufacturer's production from 8 to 42 trucks per day over a 3-year period. He is expanding his project portfolio to look at streamlining the transaction processes in the back office and the enterprise design process.