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A factory of one

Applying lean principles to banish waste
Friday, Oct. 28 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm State Room 4, 3rd floor FW/38

Learn how to apply lean concepts and tools to reduce the waste and increase the amount of time and attention available for creating value. Help drive your company’s lean initiative from a collection of tools to a way of life.


Managerial time and attention - not money - is the scarcest resource any organization has, yet when you look at most companies, managerial workflow is riddled with waste and inefficiency. Lean tools have been applied to business processes, but what about the waste in the way managers work within those processes? The latitude that managers have to determine their actions each day, and the high degree of unpredictability in their daily work content, is a recipe for waste and inefficiency. Discover how blending classic organizational and time management techniques with lean thinking will create a seamless extension of what’s being done on the shop floor with what's being done in the office. Learn about normal and abnormal conditions, value versus waste,5S, visual management and kanbans.


Markovitz Consulting helps organizations become faster, stronger, and more agile through the application of lean principles to knowledge work.

Presenter: Dan Markovitz

Dan Markovitz is president of Markovitz Consulting. He is a faculty member at the Lean Enterprise Institute, teaches at the Stanford University Continuing Studies Program and lectures at the Ohio State University’s Fisher School of Business. His books, A Factory of One and Building the Fit Organization, both received a Shingo Research Award. Markovitz has published articles in the Harvard Business Review blog, Rotman Management, Quality Progress, IndustryWeek, Reliable Plant and Management Services Journal. In 2015, he keynoted the Lean UK Summit and the Lean Island Conference in Reykjavik. He holds a BA from Wesleyan University and an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.