The fundamentals of people-centric leadership

The benefits to creating a people-centric culture
Monday, Oct. 24 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Lone Star A4, 2nd floor MW/01

Discover the five key attributes of a people-centric leader and how to develop these attributes. Understand what motivates people and what drives engagement.


There exists a crisis in leadership today. According to recent Gallup polls, only 30 percent of the workforce is engaged, costing the U.S. billions of dollars in productivity every year. Most people recognize the immense value of inspired and engaged teams, but the question still persists, “How do I achieve and sustain one?” This workshop pulls together a collection of best practices from organizations across the AME who are creating a people-centric culture and leaders within their organization. Learn what it takes to create an environment in which people will flourish and the organization will thrive.


AME is committed to the people-centric leadership (PCL) movement. It feels this is an awesome responsibility to create a cultural environment in which people can realize their gifts, develop and apply their talents and feel a genuine sense of fulfillment for their contributions in pursuit of a common purpose. PCL involves employees at every level: manufacturing, office staff, management and the CEO. AME offers a variety of events to help you, your co-workers and your company to fully embrace and live the people-centric leadership way.

Presenters: Lisa Weis / Ken Coppens

Lisa Weis is a lean/continuous improvement expert with over 18 years of success in helping hundreds of public and private organizations achieve their vision and meet their strategic goals by engaging people, implementing enterprise excellence and inspiring innovation. She is a certified professor for communication skills training in the Barry-Wehmiller University.  Weis is currently the lean program director for the Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership. She also is an AME Mid-Atlantic board member.  

Ken Coppens is an L3 coach and development specialist with the organizational empowerment team at Barry-Wehmiller Co. Inc., in Green Bay, WI. He is a professor in communications skills training, L3 fundamentals, leadership fundamentals, leading in an L3 culture, inspiring responsible change and culture of service foundation classes. Coppens is also a leadership and continuous improvement coach. His wish is for all stakeholders in each session to realize that this is not ordinary corporate training, but it is an experience that can be life changing.