Just-in-time Enterprise Institute 
Intermediate level

Just-in-time (JIT) hi-mix, multi-tier supply chain flow

Streamlining materials flow from upper tier suppliers first-in, first-out, to consumer POU
Friday, Oct. 28 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Majestic 3, 37th floor FW/37

Discover how to optimize your entire enterprise (complete system). Seek an holistic lean system design operating upstream from your customer. Hear about maintaining customer sequence first-in, first-out (FIFO) flow and timing through progressive stages.


Hear how Toyota's lean manufacturing and just-in-time logistics principles and techniques are applied to orchestrate complex, low volume, high variety product multi-tiered supply chain flow. Learn about progressive enterprise stages - production planning, order processing, supply chain planning, management and flow, and internal materials management and flow. Discover how to achieve “indexing” or “pulsing” of required components/parts/kits as they sequentially flow from upper tier suppliers to the customer’s points-of-use (POU), at the customer defined demand tempo (i.e., takt). Learn about customer value, the importance of shortening lead time, pulling customer orders throughout the entire enterprise, operational pacing, work and activity balancing (heijunka), right-sizing and balancing throughput rates (TPR) at all supply chain stages, launching orders at upper tier suppliers, synchronizing feeder supply channels, and buffering to mitigate unavoidable delays.


Just-in-time Enterprise Institute's commitment to excellence is the fundamental tenet of its institute and is achieved through a process of continuous improvement:
Focus: Lean systems and just-in-time logistics education; creation of flow through internal and supply chain flow kaizen (kaikaku).
Mission: Education/coaching to assist in transforming partner organizations to lean manufacturing and just-in-time logistics principles and practices.
Goals/Objectives: Provide highest quality education/coaching transfer of flow kaizen knowledge. www.jitenterprise.com

Presenter: James Price

Jim Price is executive director at Just-in-time Enterprise Institute (JEI). He gained credentials in just-in-time logistics and manufacturing processes while serving as general manager of Ryder’s Toyota North America team. He was also plant manager at two highway tractor remanufacturing plants, a steel crankshaft forging company, a forklift manufacturing company, and director of operations at a hydraulic and pneumatic drive control machining manufacturer. From 2001-2008, Price served on the faculty of the University of Kentucky where he created an industry-focused lean transformation support program. For the past 14 years, he has served on AME’s Southeast Region Board of Directors and is currently the board’s president.