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Kata for daily improvement

Create a culture of continuous improvement
Monday, Oct. 24 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Dallas D3, 1st floor MW/18

Practice and appreciate the rigor and purpose of daily improvement using the improvement kata and coaching kata methodology. Create a plan for the next steps you can take to apply kata in your organization.


The goal of any organization is to create a culture of continuous improvement (CI), adaptation and innovation. Over time, all associates develop their problem-solving and process improvement skills, as well as the ability to embrace change. Many organizations are seeking the key to making improvement a regular routine or kata. Can daily or near-daily improvement really be achieved? The answer is yes. What is needed is methodology, leadership support and opportunities to practice, practice, practice! In this action-based simulation, gain a new understanding of many topics including: current state analysis through observation, sustainability through CI, daily management, creating cultural change, engagement of all staff and visual management using storyboards.


The University of Michigan Division of Integrative Systems + Design (ISD) is the unique academic home for comprehensive interdisciplinary degrees and professional educational programs. ISD engages top-ranked faculty and industry practitioners to offer professional development opportunities in operational excellence that are available onsite, on campus, and online. Featured programs include kata for daily improvement, lean health care, lean leadership, master black belt in operational excellence, lean manufacturing and lean product development.

Presenter: Toni Benner

Toni Benner is a coach, speaker, instructor and advocate for change. She partners with clients to design custom training programs through the University of Michigan Division of Integrative Systems + Design and is a lead instructor for the kata for daily improvement and lean health care certificate programs. She has 20+ years of experience in facilitation, training, team development and CI from manufacturing, product development and supply chain within both the automotive and health care industries. Benner holds a BS degree in electrical engineering from Youngstown State University, an MS in engineering management with a focus on lean enterprise systems from Eastern Michigan University, and an executive supply chain management certification from the University of Michigan.