Pathways to Manufacturing Excellence 
Beginner level

Leading lean - the supervisor's role

Utilizing the mindset and tools to be successful.
Monday, Oct. 24 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm Dallas C, 1st floor MW/28

Hear how to elevate the mindset of the supervisor’s role and use basic problem-solving tools and processes for managing your time; learn to ‘manage up' and lead your team with more confidence.


If you are new to a management or supervisory position, learn what it takes to be a great leader. What does the boss expect from you? What do your people expect? What do you expect? What’s the mindset that you must bring to this role? What can you do to ensure your success? Are you skilled with Cause & Effect Diagramming (Ishikawa), The 5 Whys, Pareto Analysis? This highly interactive workshop will help you elevate your game and become a more successful supervisor. It includes multiple exercises regarding the mindset and tools above, as well as an 'in box' exercise to learn to improve your effectiveness. Discover how to create and understand metrics that are actionable and critical to the execution of the results for which you are accountable.


Pathways to Manufacturing Excellence works with clients seeking guidance in starting or managing their company's continuous improvement process. It works with senior leaders to develop the top-down strategy and to provide the process for managing their CI process using the 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence.

Presenter: Larry E. Fast

Larry E. Fast is a 35-year veteran in wire and cable and led CI transformations in two companies. As the SVP of operations at General Cable, he launched the strategy in 1999 and GCC plants have since won 12 Industry Week Best Plants awards. He is auther of the best-selling book The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence-A Lean Leader’s Guide to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence. Fast holds a BS degree in management from Indiana University and graduated from leadership programs at Center for Creative Leadership and the Harvard Business School. He served as an AME director, SE Region, and a judge for the IndustryWeek Best Plants competition. He also writes for IndustryWeek’s Ask the Expert—Lean Leadership feature.