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Lean design: The 3P method

Achieving radical improvement in product and process design
Monday, Oct. 24 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Houston C, 3rd floor MW/13

Understand 3P thinking and the 3P methodology and gain insights into the mechanics of 3P project sponsorship, leadership and facilitatorship. Discover how to secure the next set of quantum leap improvements beyond one-piece flow.


Learn how to conceptualize, develop, validate and deploy radical improvement in product and process design by adhering to the 3P methodology. This eliminates the majority of the waste at the design stage, which results in creating a truly lean value stream before the first unit of production is built. Learn the tools and techniques that attack designed-in, “hard-wired” waste that is either very expensive or virtually impossible to remove later. Through this interactive, case study-based session, experience what a 3P project feels like. Gain an understanding of how to ratchet-up the level of intellectual value that is embedded into future product and process designs. Topics to be covered include the concept of kaikaku, how 3P differs from kaizen, the 3P project deployment model, design-related waste and more.


Productivity Inc. is a leading consulting and training firm helping organizations build capabilities, save money and grow. It focuses on operational excellence, strategic innovation and leadership, and culture. These strategies provide the means to continually refresh a company’s value proposition while making the organizational changes needed for daily improvement and sustainable growth. The company pioneered the implementation of lean and TPM methodologies in manufacturing in the late 1970s and has since extended these methodologies across a wide range of industries including health care, finance and other services.

Presenter: James Vatalaro

James Vatalaro is a business consultant and author with extensive experience in building value-enhancing capabilities in service and manufacturing-based organizations. He has worked in the aerospace industry holding senior leadership positions in manufacturing, quality assurance and manufacturing engineering. For the past 10 years, Vatalaro has partnered with major corporations to implement lean strategy. His capabilities are broad in the areas of business model innovation, strategy design/deployment, leadership development and custom educational curriculum design and delivery. Vatalaro is certified in six sigma and is a lean instructor at The Ohio State University. He is a co-author of Implementing a Mixed Model Kanban Pull System.