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Lean product development implementation

Maximize your new product development process
Monday, Oct. 24 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Dallas B, 1st floor MW15

Discover the powerful techniques of lean product development, including an event-based development framework, optimizing finite development capacity, capturing voice of the customer, visual/collaborative project planning and risk mitigation, rapid cycles of learning, A3 problem-solving and visual execution management.


Envision a customized lean future state for your new product development process. Many of the issues and obstacles associated with product development improvement can be easily overcome. In the current economic climate, doing more with less is a mandate for virtually any firm, particularly with respect to new product introductions. Unfortunately, much of the effort expended by product development teams is often unnecessary and potentially wasteful. Less than half of the teams' work day is actually spent creating value for its customers and profits for their companies. Firms that have embraced the practical, waste-eliminating methods of lean product development have reported up to 50 percent reduction in launch schedules, dramatic improvements in gross margin and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Technology Perspectives is an independent consulting and publishing firm specializing in the development and deployment of leading edge methods, tools and processes for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the new product development process.

Presenter: Ron Mascitelli

Since founding Technology Perspectives in 1994, Ron Mascitelli has presented seminars and workshops globally on the lean product development (LPD) methodology and has created customized implementations for over 150 companies in 20 countries. He is the author of five books on LPD, including his latest bestseller, Mastering Lean Product Development: A Practical, Event-Driven Process for Maximizing Speed, Profits and Quality. Mascitelli holds MS degrees in electrical engineering and solid state physics and is a project management professional (PMP). He served for 15 years as a senior scientist and director of R&D for Hughes Aircraft and the Santa Barbara Research Center.