Border Business Consultants 
Intermediate level

Lean tools on a shoestring budget

Ten tools for implementing lean and CI
Monday, Oct. 24 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm State Room 2, 3rd floor MW/05

Learn how to use ten tools that will help you in your lean implementation or continuous improvement process. The total cost of these tools is less than $80.00 U.S. Discover how easy these tools are for your teams to implement.


Learn about 5S, coaching skills, line balancing, instructions, value stream mapping, lean simulation and more. Attendees will use and receive a complete set of instructions for all of the tools. These materials can be purchased in toy stores anywhere. Each portion is fun - each has a beginning, middle and an end. These tools can be used as they are arranged for this workshop, separately or in another sequence that better fits the need of the training objective.

Some of the ten exercises included: Make it Visual – create a picture of the goals for an event or project by starting to think visually; Map It! – create logical paths to ends or from current state to future state to focus thinking and deliver higher value ideas and insights to team members; Put on My Coat, I’m ready, Coach, and/or Minefield - team exercises to improve communication, coaching skills; Lots of Dots- a simulation using Avery Dots and copy paper.


Border Business Consultants is a bilingual, international consulting and training firm focused on improving efficiency in operations management. With 30+ years of hands-on experience in operations management and logistics management, the company has worked with Tyco, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Teleflex, Philips, Cummins, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Johnson Controls, Delphi, Lexmark, Scientific Atlanta, BRP, 3M, Cardinal Health Care, and Lear in Central America, North America, Europe and Asia.

Presenter: Chester Frame

Chester H. Frame is an educator, trainer, seminar presenter and management consultant. He started learning materials management and SPC in the 1970s, while working for a U.S. automotive parts manufacture, and has used these skills to improve manufacturing and administrative processes. He has successfully applied the techniques to supply chain management. Frame is on the board of directors of the El Paso/Juarez Chapter of APICS and is a member of AME and ISM. He holds a six sigma administrative green belt.