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Missing solid root cause analysis in your company?

How to facilitate effective problem solving
Monday, Oct. 24 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Majestic 1, 37th floor MW/08

Learn about the two pillars of lean - continuous Improvement (CI) and respect for people (RfP); discover how to facilitate problem solving (PDCA) using 5-why and cause and effect diagrams.


Continuous improvement is accomplished through effective problem solving or root cause analysis (RCA). Respect for people (RfP) can be greatly impacted by effective (or conversely not-so-effective) RCA. Do you struggle with reaching effective countermeasures to problems? Do your problems get solved every day, only to return? Do you have drivers with answers and pedestrians who don’t care because “no-one ever listens?” This hands-on workshop takes you from the basics of problem solving (defining the problem solving funnel, team coordination and learning to ask why) into RCA development (how to drive analysis from effect to causes, to root causes, to countermeasures) to advanced RCA facilitation (how to drive the analysis, controlling the team to and seeing the whole story.) Attendees will take active and changing roles, from the not-so-effective to true, effective root cause/countermeasure success.


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Presenter: Mike Thelen

Mike Thelen is a senior consultant at Kaizen Institute. He has led continuous improvement efforts in positions from front-line supervision to organizational lean leadership including six sigma green belt certification. Thelen also works with local secondary, post-secondary and civic organizations to spread the concepts and theories of CI to a broader audience. In 2007, he founded the Aberdeen Lean Forum and co-founded the Siouxland Lean Consortium in 2011.