Value Stream 2 Systematic Daily Improvement

Creating and growing a culture of continuous improvement


How to get ALL people in the organization involved with improving the process 

See how Autoliv develops leaders as teachers to guide teams to true north. Learn how manament actively builds trust with team members and how to engage and excite all team members. 


In a manufacturing plant of 1400 people, a question often asked is, "How do you get all of your employees engaged with your improvement efforts?" The answer is not easy because there are many things that contribute to full engagement of all employees. Learn about several of those key things that have helped Autoliv to create its culture of engaged improvement, starting with developing leaders as teachers to help drive everyone in the right direction and how to build trust and gain respect of all. Hear how the company recognizes contributions of team and individuals and how its management team supports CI efforts. As a global company, Autoliv strives for this same improvement culture in all of its operations worldwide. The Autoliv Production System (APS) model defines and standardizes key principles for employee involvement.


Autoliv is a top producer and technology leader in Automotive Safety Systems throughout the world. The Autoliv North America Operations produce airbags, steering wheels and seatbelts for all of the world’s automotive companies.

Speaker: Brian Hyde

Brian Hyde, Plant Manager at Autoliv’s Airbag Module Manufacturing Facility in Ogden, Utah, has been with Autoliv for the past 23 years working on developing the Autoliv Production System (APS). Through his many years at Autoliv, Hyde led continuous improvement (CI) efforts in quality, engineering and operations. He was mentored in the Toyota Production System and has utilized this expertise in developing Autoliv’s own system for CI. Hyde received his BS and MBA from Utah State University.