One System / One Voice 
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Advanced level

Coaching past denial and resistance to create receptive leaders


Strategies to develop buy-in for the lean journey

Coaching and communication strategies/techniques for moving a leader from resistance to action; change management; motivational interviewing skills; work in small teams to practice role-playing and other interactive activities.


Apply strategies for counseling a leader who isn’t ready to be coached. After discussion and demonstration of concepts and techniques, attendees will practice role-playing and other interactive activities in small teams. This will focus on the first three stages of behavioral change, with additional information about strategies and techniques in all six stages of change. Learn how to assist people who exhibit these characteristics: pre-contemplation (people who are resistant to changing their behavior), contemplation (people, sometimes called supporters, who seriously consider action but do not commit to change) and preparation (people intent upon changing their behavior but who lack the confidence to experiment with new behavior/change). Gain information about needed coaching and communication skills to support effective change management. Learn basic elements of motivational interviewing, identifying an individual’s behavioral characteristics and moving a leader from resistance to action through stages of change. Hear about effective timing for counseling, coaching and instructing as well as coaching techniques that create roadblocks to change.

Company: One System / One Voice

One System / One Voice is a learning-oriented group dedicated to organizational transformation. The firm coaches and counsels leaders about understanding the change in thinking and behavior required to transform to a one-system, one-voice culture. It also counsels leaders about techniques to move people through the stages of change from not being on board to being an advocate.

Speakers: Larry Anderson / Ron Oslin / Tony Chamblin

Each of the coaches has extensive experience coaching organization change. Their experience includes CEO, COO and Deming intern (Ron Oslin), Toyota operations and problem-solving leadership (Tony Chamblin), and Operations VP and SME/AME/ASQ/Shingo Lean Gold level certification (Larry Anderson). Each coach has over 20 years of lean/operational improvement experience.