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Toyota Kata

Learn a routine for achieving short- and long-term goals; embed improvement thinking patterns through team accountability, utilizing all the capabilities of people in your organization; reignite your continuous improvement journey.

Learn how Toyota Kata can help you lead your organization to survive and thrive through team accountability. Enhance your capability for understanding conditions (a key factor in Toyota’s long-standing success), enabling correct, smart decisions. Hear about two behavior routines, or kata. First, learn about Improvement Kata (IK), a repeating pattern of establishing challenging target conditions, working step-by-step through obstacles and learning from problems encountered along the way. Next, gain information about Coaching Kata (CK), a pattern of teaching IK to employees at every level to ensure that it permeates their thinking and actions. Stimulate new ideas and understanding through a Buzz Electronics simulation and roundtable discussions. Find a better way to lead, manage and develop people – a key to continuous improvement, adaptation and superior short- and long-term results. After you hear useful counsel on channeling and utilizing all the capabilities of people in your organization and reigniting your continuous journey, bring it home and get started on the path to non-traditional, outstanding results!

Company: Auburn Technical Assistance Center

The vision of Auburn Technical Assistance Center (ATAC) is to develop continuous improvement leaders and focuses on the core values of respect for the team and continuous development. With its partners, the US Economic Development Administration, NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership and ATN, it delivers training and consulting on lean manufacturing, six sigma, quality systems and innovation. Since 1976, ATAC has helped over 5,000 businesses become more competitive.

Speaker: Hank Czarnecki

Hank Czarnecki serves as lean group leader for Auburn University's Technical Assistance Program. He has more than 15 years of experience teaching lean, facilitating kaizen improvement events and coaching companies on their lean journey. Czarnecki is currently the AME SE Region President