Club NuBee

Who NU that all are welcomed at NuBee night!?!

Bee hiveWhether you are a seasoned conference attendee or it is your first time out, do not miss the opportunity to swarm the hive and BEE engaged in the activities planned.

You will
• Have a chance to get familiar with this year’s offering
• Take out the "sting" of navigating through the AME Conference App
• Meet this year’s sweet-as-honey networking team
• Buzz around AME’s regional directors


Wait--there's more! You are invited to the AME Dine-Around following the meeting to continue to network during dinner. We will invite our directors to attend each restaurant offered, giving you a chance to mingle, ask questions and get to know other attendees. 

Please do not forget to meet at the hive at 5:00pm either on Sunday, October 28 or Monday, October 29 (Hyatt, 2nd floor, Balboa ABC).

NuBee orientation night will give you helpful advice on how to make the most of your conference experience.

Follow #AMESanDiego on Twitter before and during the conference for the latest in Club NuBee activities. Follow the Bee!!