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The AME Manufacturing Excellence Award recognizes North American manufacturing plants that have demonstrated excellence in manufacturing and business. The primary focus of the award is to acknowledge continuous improvement, best practices, creativity, and innovation. This award supports AME’s vision, mission and values of inspiring commitment to enterprise excellence through shared learning and access to best practices.

Selection Process

The AME Manufacturing Excellence Award may recognize multiple North American recipients who demonstrate excellence against the award guidelines and evaluation criteria. Any applicant that submits an Achievement Report based on the AME Manufacturing Excellence Award Evaluation Criteria will be considered for an award. A company’s Achievement Report will be evaluated by the AME Award Evaluation Team. For companies that score high enough in this Achievement Report review, a site visit will be completed. A site visit will generally last 1.5 to 2 days. Recipients of the Manufacturing Excellence Award will be selected based on the combined results of the Achievement Report review and site visit feedback.

Award Ceremony

The AME 2014 Manufacturing Excellence Award recipients will be honored at the AME International Excellence Inside Conference to be held November 10-14, 2014. If you believe your company, client or supplier should be considered for an award in 2014, please download the Award Intent to Apply and the Award Application Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria.

The two page Intent-to-Apply form is due at the AME office by January 31, 2014. The complete application, along with your Achievement Report, must be received by March 14, 2014. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Nancy Wajler, AME Director of Education and Training, at nwajler@ame.org or 224-232-5980, ext. 235.

2013 AME Manufacturing Excellence Awards

During the AME 2013 Excellence Inside International Conference in Toronto, we recognized and celebrated the achievement of outstanding performance. These individuals and companies have made significant strides in their respective journeys as they uphold AME’s mission “to inspire a commitment to enterprise excellence through experiential learning by bringing people together to share, learn and grow.”

Award Recipients

Bombardier Aerospace – Toronto, ON - Watch the Company Video
The Bombardier Toronto site researches, designs, manufactures and sells commercial and business aircraft. They also provide field support. The 373-acre facility includes a 7,000 foot runway, 1.2 million square feet of manufacturing space and employs 4,000 people. The Toronto site began a cultural and physical transformation to improve productivity and the customer experience by adopting the Achieving Excellence System in 2008. When evaluating Bombardier Toronto, the AME assessment team was impressed by the use of improvement tools, especially the company’s approach to Standardized Problem Solving and an empowerment system (Xcell), which combined to drive continuous improvement and engagement by the workforce down to the shop-floor level. Equally impressive to the team was Bombardier Toronto’s level of accountability and an understanding that the entire organization must change to meet evolving demands and new visions.

STIHL Incorporated – Virginia Beach, VA - Watch the Company Video
STIHL Incorporated manufactures more than 200 models of handheld outdoor power tools, which are sold and serviced by more than 8,000 power equipment retailers around the globe. The company’s Virginia Beach, Va., facility employs more than 1,700 individuals and is ISO 900 and ISO 14001 registered. The manufacturer has been at the forefront of innovation since 1926, continuously working to improve both its products and production decade after decade. In their feedback report about STIHL Incorporated, the AME assessment team stated, “The Virginia Beach facility has made strides toward the establishment of a continuous improvement system, focusing on the implementation of advanced technology, integration of automation, data systems, work instructions, kanban and steps toward the establishment of flow.” Outstanding practices include: the total-cost thinking used for new product and process development projects and the use of inventory flywheels to balance high service levels and low-cost production linearity goals.

MillerCoors, Eden Brewery – Eden, NC - Watch the Company Video
MillerCoors’ Eden Brewery opened in North Carolina in 1978, and in 1986 became the first location to produce Miller Genuine Draft. Today, this state-of-the-art operation has 554 employees and an annual brewing capacity of 9 million barrels. The facility is at the forefront of a MillerCoors initiative to reduce water consumption in beverage manufacturing. While evaluating, the AME assessment team observed an integrated approach for Vision, Mission, and Values with a solid goal set process. In addition, the Eden Brewery has a very robust Policy Deployment program that takes Corporate annual goals and deploys supporting metrics all the way down the chain to each production line and provides metric scorecards that report performance to goal. MillerCoors’ “who we are, what we do and how we work” philosophy exemplifies a strong commitment to excellence.

IEC Electronics Corporation – Albuquerque, NM - Watch the Company Video
IEC Electronics Corporation provides electronic manufacturing services to advanced technology companies primarily in the military, aerospace, medical and industrial sectors. The Albuquerque plant has over 159 active products, employs 90 people and has 72,000 square feet of floor space. The plant is organized by customer work cells, designed to execute one-piece flow, enable immediate, visual feedback and minimize variation. In its review, the AME assessment team said, “All of the operators we spoke with had participated in improvement activities and were excited about what has been accomplished. They own the change within their cells. This was awesome to see!” IEC Albuquerque has worked to create a culture of continuous improvement focused on emphasizing quality in every aspect of its client relationships, delivering work that is Absolutely, Positively, Perfect and On-Time.

2012 AME Manufacturing Excellence Awards

Award Recipients

Sur-Seal (Cincinnati, OH) - Watch Company Video

Silfex-A division of LAM Research (Eaton, OH) - Watch Company Video

Carson Valley Roasting Plant-Starbucks (Minden, NV) - Watch Company Video

Empi Division of DJO Global (Clear Lake, SD) - Watch Company Video

 2011 AME Manufacturing Excellence Awards

Award Recipients

Acumed (Hillsboro, OR) - Watch Company Video

Aera Energy (Bakersfield, CA) - Watch Company Video

Autoliv (Brigham City, UT) - Watch Company Video

IEC Electronics (Newark, NY) - Watch Company Video

Medtronics (Warsaw, IN) - Watch Company Video

Milliken (Johnston, SC) - Watch Company Video

Raytheon (Dallas, TX) - Watch Company Video

2010 AME Manufacturing Excellence Awards

Award Recipients
TG Fluid Systems (Brighton, MI) - Watch Company Video
DJ Orthopedics (Tijuana, Mexico) - Watch Company Video
Parker Hannifin (Metamora, OH) - Watch Company Video
Plymouth Tube (West Monroe, LA) - Watch Company Video
DJO LLC (Vista, CA) - Watch Company Video
Parker Hannifin Racor Division (Modesto, CA) - Watch Company Video
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